Ohhhh! 17 cool n’ sustainable brands of the Green Collective ! 

A little treat for yourself, no harm to the planet!!

Get to know the 17 brands of Green Collective. Sustainable AND glamourous, trendy, cool stuff !

To celebrate “sustainable development week”, they gathered for the third time and offer 20% off on their online shops until april 7th with code GREEN.



9km: an easy going fashion online store where you can get dressed from head to toe for only 100euros: spain made sneakers, Brando style soft white shirt and solid english jeans. www.9km.fr

Biolittle. com: biological and ecological designs that sparkle with joy for kids and their parents. www.biolittle.com

Collegien: fashionable, soft and confortable socks and slippers that cuddle your feets. Made in Tarn (France) for 4 generations. collegien-shop.fr

Dandy nomad: Casual and trendy travel accessories brand. Their first product is bag on bag, a shelter that protects every type of suitcases. www.dandynomad.com/fr

Gobilab invented Gobi a customisable reusable bottle that beats disposable plastic bottle and cups. boutique.gobilab.com

Lov Organic: their tea and infusions not only smell as good as they taste but also their pack are eco-concepted and their edible products are biological! www.lov-organic.com

Luz: the first ethical made beach bathing suits and accessories brand. Every product is made of biological coton. www.luzcollections.com

Marlette offers a large range of ready to cook preparations for breads, cakes and crackers. Biological and hand-made, that’s Marlette’s recipe! www.marlette.fr

Monsieur Poulet is a T-shirt brand that organizes online graphism contests to print on biological coton shirts for really cool results! www.monsieurpoulet.com

My biotiful bags: Ethical made with ecological fabrics, those are biotifuls bags that preserves the planet! www.mybiotifulbag.com

Papier Tigre: Not far away from Vincennes Zoo, Papier Tigre (tiger paper) creates smart objects for contemporary correspondence to make daily attention more precious. www.papiertigre.fr

Reversible gives a second life to used and pollutants products by transforming them into fashionable bags and objects. www.reversible.fr

Rose & Nadine select cosmetics made of rare natural/biological products from ethical trade as delicate oils and surprising cares. www.rosenadine.com

TooFruits: because children’s skin is about 10 times dyer than adult’s skin, Too fruits created a cream range made of yummy fruits just for them. Biological skin cares that preserve earth. www.toofruitboutique.com

Tudo Bom! A brasilian fashion brand made of ethical and ecological coton for men and women full of colors, joy and optimism… just as Brazil! www.tudobom.fr





    Sustainable Development Week, a French national event which runs from April 1 to 7, will focus on the theme of “Energy transition”. More simply stated: it’s the transition of a company that is based on an abundant consumption of fossil fuels to a more sober and more environmentally friendly approach. Less is more!
    Below you’ll find our favorite design objects that are smart, good-looking AND energy saving.


    1. Today


    Plumen, an energy-saving bulb looking at its best!

    Samuel’s Wilkinson twisted designs saves 80% more energy than an average bulb and lasts 8 time longer.

    Eco TV, by Watt and Co. is a multi-power strip that can turn off all electronic devices that are related to TV by a simple touch on your usual remote control. Knowing that 1 in 3 people never really turns off their TV and that even in sleep mode spends, you’re wasting about 10% energy, it’s no wonder why this useful yet elegant object received a best design award!



    This side table created by brand EMU, restores at night the solar light it has stored in the day. A beautiful and economic way to lighten up summer nights!

    2. Tomorrow

    At the design Biennale we discoved the Nano-Ordinaire exhibition, where french designer Matali Crasset imagined a world in which every energy we create would be collected like the heat we produce at night or the micro-movements we do when working at our desk.

    nanoordinaire12 nanoordinaire07

    And if we were more aware about our energy consumption, would we reduce it?

    The more energy you use, the more light this power cable produces, in order to show you what’s usually hidden.


    Celebrating the week of sustainability that begins april’s first, Ekobo and friends are throwing up a little surprise for you.

    And we promise we’re not fooling!

      What we saw at 2013 design biennal 

      This week we visited the Biennale internationale Design Saint-Étienne. This edition’s theme was Empathy.
      What is empathy when related to objects? Objects that are thought by designers to be the best for humans. For those who use it, for those who make it and for the planet we all live on.

      Today, more and more designers and brands as ourselves link environmental responsibility and great design.
      Here is a glimpse of what we saw:

      1. DIY

      – A DIY bike you can customize as you like: prod user by Tristan Kopp

      Here is the bike with wood branchs. To make yours, go on Tristan Kopp’s website.


        To shop wonder world fur, contact WWF! 

        How to wear fur without arming any animal?

        You could buy a bag made from Doliphan fur: inhabitant of the forests, the shy quadruped loses its fur every time it gets scared. Which happens often.

        You could also purchase a white furry coat made from Bambooseal, a sea mammal that looses its fur when it sneezes or from Buffaloon, a black camelid.

        If all these cute imaginary animals were created by WWF France, the clothes are real and you can purchase them on a dedicated website.

        Of course they are made from responsible fabrics like South Africa mohair or peace silk, the only kind that doesn’t imply to kill the worms.

        Do you like this initiative?

          Orée: Handmade wooden keyboards from France. 

          Clavier Orée en érableHave you heard about Orée?

          It’s a brand new French brand that manufactures wooden keyboards.Yes….wooden!